The Liberty Manifesto







Represent Yourself!                         Politicians Are Redundant


A spectre is haunting Democracy the spectre of Representation. All the powers of old representational democracies have entered into a unholy alliance to exorcise this spectre: President and Prime Minister, Liberal and Republican, Religious Radicals and Authoritarians.

When shall the public will finally be tapped directly, instead of that public will continually and unnecessarily being warped by representation?

When will the democratic flaw of representation finally be jettisoned, put out to pasture, now that it has outlasted its utility?

When will Supermajorities replace simple majorities to better reflect democracy?

Key Tenets of SuperMajority Plebiscitary Democracy:

I.     Democracy is already acknowledged by all world nations to be itself a power.

II.   It is high time that democracy should finally and actually be democratic, by eliminating representation.

III.   Supermajorities are more democratic than simple majorities.

IV.   Liberty and Security are opposite ends of a spectrum.

V.    Plebiscitary Democracy gives all people access to ballot initiatives, to creating legislation.

VI.  Abstentions in Plebiscitary Democracy is the default setting: unless you actively vote in support of some new law, you are assumed to be against it.

VII.   Plebiscitary Democracy works within existing constitutional frameworks.

VIII.  Plebiscitary Democracy can be transitioned to by exploiting existing party systems.

IX.    Plebiscitary Democracy works within capitalism and any economic system.

X.     Supermajority Plebiscitary is the rational and natural destination of any democracy.

To this end, I have sketched the following manifesto and published it here, to both help chart the course to real democracy and to show how we are inexorably moving towards it, regardless.