The Liberty Manifesto




What is wrong with Representative Democracy?

What is a plebiscitary?

Why are Supermajorities more democratic than simple majorities?

Isn't it dangerous to let people make their own laws?

Won't minority rights be compromised by a tyrannical majority?

What can be done with our thousands of municipal, regional and national politicians and their entourages?

Can an electronic voting system really be secure?

What about all the pre-existing laws already on the books created by minority representation?

Won't poor people just tax the rich out of existence with their votes?


How will existing agencies created by acts of past governments be able to operate without politicians directing them?

How can special interests lobby government representatives to get legislation passed in a plebiscitary?

How will new agencies be created by new acts of plebiscitary democracy?

How can civil service administrators be appointed if not by corrupt politicians rewarding them for favours?

Don't we need complex legislation created by intelligent people only, in order to best govern a free, democratic country?

Who will write the complex acts of government necessitated by new laws passed by plebiscitary democracy?

How can we keep bad laws from getting passed by governments?

How will supreme court justices be appointed?

Can we still have a president to represent our country on the world stage with plebiscitary democracy?

Who will foreign ministers report to, if not to the politicians that appointed them?

How can the armed forces operate without a commander in chief?

How can a plebiscitary democracy act quickly enough in times of strife?

Who will oversee secret government activities?

Is plebiscitary democracy some sort of socialism or communism?